FANSIDED: KCB Sports Marketing Clients Receive Training Camp Swag

NFL Perks: Training Camp Swag for Scooby and Gronk

Shereen Rayan

Rosenhaus Sports Agency manages the top talent in the NFL, including former Arizona Wildcats Rob Gronkowski and Scooby Wright III.

Summer is almost over, and as a result, most football players are back in camp whether they are playing in the NCAA or the NFL. No matter what their age, or how much money they make, the players appreciated the thought, and it’s given them an extra boost.

Former Arizona Wildcat Rob Gronkowski did, we reached out to him to get his reaction, here’s what he told us,“KCB is always looking out. It felt like I was back in Tucson and my parents send me a package to get through the summer.” That’s what we were thinking, how fun! There’s nothing like the feeling of being taken care of.

That’s what Rosenhaus Sports agency, headed up by super sports agent Drew Rosenhaus, and their PR partner KCB Sports Marketing thought too! Together, they dreamt this wonderful idea to support their sponsors AND their clients. They put together individual special Training Camp Survival Packages.

  • First registered as Sports Agent in 1989. (Youngest registered agent at that time – 22 yrs old)
  • Only Agent ever to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
  • Appeared in national ESPN commercial.
  • Published Autobiography with brother Jason titled ‘A Shark Never Sleeps”.
  • Cameo appearance in and consultant to “Jerry MaGuire” and “Any Given Sunday” motion pictures.
  • A Regular contributor to the HBO Series “Arliss”. Ranked #1 Agent by the Sports Business Journal in 2006.
  • A Frequent national commentator on current sports issues.
  • Has appeared on ABC Primetime Live, ABC Nightline, ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, ESPN’s Outside the Lines, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and many others.
  • Recently featured on HBO’s Real Sports and Inside the NFL Appeared in a national Burger King commercial with client “The King”.

Shared Clients for the firms include NFL Pro Bowl players Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers), Joe Haden (Cleveland Browns), T.Y. Hilton (Indianapolis Colts), NaVorro Bowman (San Francisco 49ers), and LeSean McCoy (Buffalo Bills).  Their list also includes two very special Wildcats: Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots) and rookie Scooby Wright III (Cleveland Browns).

The Training Camp Survival Packages, is the envy of any college student living away from home. Personalized for each player/team to include (along with purpose of each item):

  • All players got Skyline Socks picked out according to their team city, college, and/or hometown, etc.
  • 2 OtterBox phone cases per player (they found out what phone they owned, (IOS or Android) specifically for each player’s current phone and included iPhone Team logo cases.
  • Depending on came console players owned (Xbox or Play Station), an EA Sports video game for the guys to play on their down time.
  • Wearable line (DonJoy Performance) of padded skin protection, ideal for protection from impact, abrasions, turf, grass, and gym burns
  • A ‘Lokai’ bracelet infused with elements from the highest and lowest points on Earth. The bracelet’s white bead carries water from Mt. Everest and its black bead contain mud from the Dead Sea. I WANT ONE OF THESE!
  • A Mobile Console Gaming system- Players can turn their phones into a mobile video game device by Game Vice
  • Bags of Skittles candy
  • Gym towel from BodyArmor for workouts, they always send drinks to our athletes throughout the season.
  • Supercharged Defiance Fuel water that increases cellular health and shortens your recovery time
  • Muscle Tech Protein Powder
  • Clif Energy Bars
  • Oberto Beef Jerky (remember Gronk’s Oberto new TD Dance?)
  • Orbit Gum for fresh breath
  • Isopure Protein Shakes and shaker cups
  • Speed Stick Deodorant (how many of these did they send? This is a necessary item, right?)
  • Sexy Hair styling products (those with hair will appreciate this)


How did they do it?

The KCB Sports Marketing team worked for weeks with the sponsors gathering information including each player’s mobile devices, preferred gaming system, college and hometowns to personalize each Care Package, according to Director of PR, Cristina Alor.

“We work with the best players and the best companies out there. We love sending our guys the latest products on the market year-round,” said Robert Bailey, President of Rosenhaus Sports. “We just wanted to welcome our clients back to another great season of football.”

If you can imagine, packaging 110 custom individual shipments, was no easy task. It was, however, a labor of love done over the course of two or three weekends in a garage of one of the KBC Sports Marketing Executives.

After sorting the stuff out and putting it all back together, without making any mistakes (could you imagine?), and the multiple trips to FedEx, their team succeeded in having the deliveries arrive in perfect time for the beginning of Training Camp.

Hopefully the package Scooby received helps him get through training camp. So far he is doing just fine in the NFL. Last Sunday he tackled two Green Bay Packers in his NFL preseason debut.

Seems like Wildcats parents everywhere can take notice and create packages for their own sons and daughters, as a result we’re positive they will greatly appreciate the thought and effort!

Seems like a good idea to see if KCB have any left over? Here’s how you can reach out: Rosenhaus Sports (@RosenhausSports) KCB Sports Marketing (@KCBSports).