Our marketing division, KCB Sports Marketing, maximizes our clients’ off the field revenue potential. Our strong relationships with the NFL and NFLPA are unparalleled in the industry landing you lucrative apparel and shoe deals, trading cards, personal appearances, national endorsements and Super Bowl opportunities. Social media is leading the way with innovative ways for you to leverage your fan base through sponsored campaigns.

Robert Bailey

NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor

Scott Wolfman

Director of Athlete Marketing

Bari Wolfman

Office Operations Manager

Kyle Lincoln

Marketing Coordinator

Mike Nattis

Community and Charity Events


Our in-house Media and PR team works with an extensive network of local and national media sources to ensure clients receive maximum media exposure. RSR is constantly creating opportunities for our clients to gain positive media coverage through TV, radio, print and online sources that strengthen and refine their image. Being recognized as the top authority on NFL representation has strengthened our standing with the major networks including: ESPN, NFL Network, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS and more. Through these relationships we have been able to provide our clients with the utmost quality of services including broadcasting opportunities, community relations publicity, product placement and crisis management.

Cristina Alor

Director of Media & Public Relations